Harryette Mullen 11/08


My Dearest homies,

It’s been too long…

Fortunately, the third Thursday is once again almost upon us and that means one, utterly righteous thing—Poetry Roundtable time!!!

Yes, we’re still at Java Vino coffee shop (424 Main Street, Racine WI).  Yes, we’re still chatting about the wonders of contemporary poetry.  Yes, we’re still meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month (November 20th) from 7-9pm.  Do you know what that means friends?  This month marks a year of consistent roundtable awesomeness!  Here’s to discussing challenging, marginalized literature and, more importantly, using that as a means to make some great friends.  Couldn’t be happier that I get to kick it with you roundtable rascals and I want to remind you how nonexistent this program would be if it weren’t for the huge love and support you’ve all given it.  You may here pat yourselves on the back.  Heck, give yourselves a sloppy smooch.  And yes, that’s in the plural, so watch yourselves : )

This month we’ll be discussing the work of Harryette Mullen.  Innovative, musical, dialectic and classical all at once, Mullen’s work is as beautiful as it is challenging.  I won’t go in depth about her, since our links this month are exceptionally comprehensive, but let that very fact be testament to how accomplished Mullen is; she’s done enough for there to be a wealth of information on her right at our fingertips.  That’s saying a lot about a contemporary poet.

This link is really enough to keep all of us busy for a long time.  It includes a bio, links to poems, interviews, articles and even an audio excerpt (which I have not been successful in trying to listening to):


and some videos:



See you all Thursday, November 20th!  And the next BONK! event comes just 2 days after, on November 22nd?  Oh, how unrelenting our gaiety be!


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